Air & Gas Technologies is proud to present out support in this years New York Botanical Garden Ball. Our branding will be visible in the event guide showing the strides we've made with CNG. Our partner's had this to say about our impact on their natural gas fleet fueling.

The Garden turned to Compressed Natural Gas in 2002 when we found out that the Carbon Emissions were 50% that of Diesel with no exhaust odor. The use of CNG Trams over these 17 years has helped the Garden reduce our Carbon Footprint by 13% while we doubled our visitation since 2005.

CNG Trams

The impact of a CNG fuel fleet is massively visible over time. It's good for the environment and good for operating costs. Stable fuel prices, fuel delivery, and lower rates of mechanical failure ensure that the NYBG has had regular and continuous operation for years. And since CNG has only one carbon atom per molecule, it is less carbon emissions. That's good for guests, and good for gardens.

If you're interested in clean fleet fueling, contact us at (732) 566-7227.