In November of 2016, Air & Gas Technologies, Inc. (AGT) completed additions to a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station located at Albany International Airport, Albany, New York.  

The project consisted of providing and installing a new CNG Compressor, new Duplex Soft Start Panel, new Priority Panel, new Fast Fill Fuel Dispenser and a new Fueling Island and Canopy. In addition, various existing station components were modified or refurbished as part of the contract.    

The new compressor is manufactured by Angi Energy of Janesville, Wisconsin. The model NG50 Natural Gas Compressor supplied for this project by AGT has a capacity of 75 SCFM at a 4500 PSIG discharge pressure. The Duplex Starter Panel, Priority Panel and Fuel Dispenser were also manufactured by Angi Energy.

Site work and electrical installation was provided by Environmental & Fueling Systems, LLC of Troy, New York and the Fueling Canopy was provided by Austin Mohawk Engineered Building Systems of Utica, New York.

The station will primarily be used for fueling Airport Shuttle Buses. Because of its lower carbon content, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is the cleanest burning transportation fuel available today. CNG produces 20-30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and 95% fewer tailpipe emissions than its petroleum counterparts. For more Information on CNG Fueling or other products shown on our website, please call Air & Gas Technologies, Inc. at (800) 716-5550 or email us at


Fueling Island and Canopy

Fueling Island & Canopy


Angi NG50 CNG Compressor

Angi NG50 Compressor


Priority Panel and CNG Storage

Priority Panel and ASME Storage Vessels


Equipment Area

Compressor, Inlet Gas Dryer and CNG Storage Equipment Area