Air & Gas Technologies, Inc. has completed installation of a Nitrogen Generation System for a Blood Laboratory facility in New Jersey. The installation, in addition to the Nitrogen Generator and Nitrogen Storage System also included new Air Compressors, Refrigerated Air Dryer, Air Filtration and ancillary equipment completing the system. The Nitrogen Generator, produced by Nano Purification Solutions delivers 709 Standard Cubic Feet of Nitrogen per hour at a minimum purity level of 99.9%.

The Generator is fed by Two (2) Chicago Pneumatic 20 horsepower rotary screw compressors delivering 80 cubic feet of air per minute at 100 psi discharge pressure. Air treatment equipment was also provided by Nano.  Additional accessory items include an air storage system, a nitrogen storage system and oil water separation system. Air & Gas Technologies, Inc. provided all installation services as well as all system piping required to complete the project utilizing Parker Transair aluminum piping for the air & nitrogen systems. Call (800) 716-5550 for more information on this and other product offerings.


Nitrogen Generator


Nano Nitrogen Generator


Nitrogen Generator Piping 


Nitrogen Generating Piping - Parker Transair Aluminum Piping System shown above.


Chicago Pneumatic Compressors


Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressors shown above


Nitrogen System Complete


Complete System shown above