Air & Gas Technologies is proud to present our latest CNG station. Built for UGI Utilities, the refueling center is now in place at the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania headquarters for internal fleet savings and efficiency. UGI will enjoy the benefits of cheaper trailer fuel and reduced maintenance costs moving forward.

This will be a benefit for everyone in the territory, as company savings are passed on to the natural gas customers served in the region. That span covers about 700,000 customers who will all benefit from clean energy. Air & Gas Technologies is especially proud to be a part of this initiative.

For over 20 years, we have built and serviced natural gas fueling stations. That strong belief in the fuel source is supported by the increasing number of CNG stations popping up across our tri-state area.

This opening was a big success for our company as it adds another source of renewable and clean energy. Stoyko, the Vice President of marketing and customer relations is quoted as saying that "You can’t get the stations until the vehicles are out there," he said, "and people are’t going to buy vehicles until the stations are there." That chicken and egg problem is slowly being solved as more community members realize the potential of natural gas.

On the horizon, we look forward to working with more of our neighbors to provide cheaper, self-reliant, and abundant fuel sources to service fleets and transportation vehicles.

Congratulations UGI Bethlehem!