Bauer UNICUS 4i

Bauer UNICUS 4i

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SKU: unicus-4i
Manufacturer: Bauer Compressors

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Bauer Unicus 4i Specsheet


The Unicus 4i is the frontrunner among all Breathing Air and Firefighter compressors. The system boasts advancements that haven't been introduced into any other system at the level of quality that Bauer is known for. The integrated 12 inch HMI touch screen is the hub of controls for your CFS operators. The advanced touch screen controls automation and reduces risks.

Optional Gas-Tek is a set of gas sensors which will provide a real-time analysis of breathing air quality. If too much CO over a baseline threshold is found within the compressed air, the unit will automatically power off and display an alarm on the HMI prompting a fix and preventing unsafe air from being distributed.

In one of the best advancements provided through the Unicus 4i, the system is now capable of functioning with RFID SCBA cylinders. Every cylinder will be trackable and digitally labeled. Receive information of the fill date, location, pressure, and the person that has the tank. These logs can be stored for later analysis.

The system is built with the NFPA guidelines in mind. Specifically NFPA 1901 and NFPA 1989. Emergency services respiratory protection for enclosed spaces and automotive fire apparatus demand high quality air that can be analyzed and tracked to protect fire fighter lives.

Buy the Bauer Unicus 4i for your application. Protect your safety professionals so they can protect the public. Ensure that your breathing air is safe through one of the highest quality modern compressors on the Breathing Air market.

DIMENSIONS L X W X H inches (mm)
101 x 78 x 38 (2565 x 1981 x 965)

WEIGHT pounds (kg)
4350 - 4550 (1973 - 2064) *Weights are based on a unit equipped with 4 ASMEs

Capable of accommodating a 13 to 26 SCFM charge rate