21 SCFM Non-cycling Refrigerated Dryer CPX20

CPX 20 Chicago Pneumatic Dryer

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  • CPX 20 Chicago Pneumatic Dryer
  • Interior of CPX20
SKU: 4102001434
Manufacturer: Chicago Pneumatic
Used with 5 horsepower compressors. .5" NPT Inlet and Outlet

Dimensions: 14Lx20Wx18H inches

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Product Details

Buy your clean, dry, compressed air here.

  • No aftercooler required
  • 180°F Max Inlet Temp
  • 3 Micron Filter / Separator
  • Inlet Strainer Precooler / Reheater
  • Six Foot Power Cord (115V Only)
  • Automatic Drain Valve
  • Ambient Air Condenser Filter

Prevent Corrosion in your air network

Water vapor pulled from the air eventually ends up inside compressors. As the air heats up from the force of compressing molecules, water condensation forms. Corrosion and rust inevitable eats into the metals of compressors, causing damage.

Prevent corrosion by removing water with a refrigerated dryer. Potential damage doesn't just stop at the compressor. An entire network of air can be damage by corrosion. Fittings, containers, and other machines can all be damaged and eventually destroyed by naturally occurring outside air.

Not just water

Oil, contaminates, and dust are also removed maximizing the lifecycle of all involved equipment. Ensure that you are taking care of the tools that you need to succeed.

Avoid Product Contamination

Water that doesn't corrode the interior of your compressor can end up anywhere, including your endpoint. Any tool that is bring run by your compressed air can be damaged. This is where the cost of wet air can astronomically drive up your operating costs. Maintenance is difficult on anything damaged by water.

High quality materials

Heat exchangers built from copper and steel in a compact design.


The advanced engineering and clean enclosure allow for a very quiet machine. Noise pollution can become a serious concern as the size of a shop grows. With a Chicago pneumatic dryer, you know that it will never be the culprit.

Supported by Warranty

1 year warranty backed by Chicago Pneumatic and Air and Gas Technologies. We are the only CP warranty center in New Jersey and many areas beyond. We have the experience to fix your unit and keep your industrial application moving smoothly.

The Smart Condensate Discharger

Every model is equipped with a smart condensate drain that will expel water, without discharging compressed air. There is little to no compression loss through the entire system, ensuring efficiency and reducing total energy costs.

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