40HP, DG Series 40DG

40HP, DG Series 40DG

Manufacturer: Sullivan Palatek
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Sullivan-Palatek manufactures one of the most reliable, high performance, low maintenance air ends in the industry. Our advanced rotor design features oversize radial thrust bearings and precision working rotary screws that provide virtually no wear.

Compressor Features

  • Compressor: Oil flooded rotary screw, continuous duty, industrial air compressor. Direct coupled to motor for positive alignment.
  • Electric Motor: 230/460/575 volt Nema T-frame, C-face, double shaft, open drip proof squirrel cage induction type.
  • Motor Starter: 460 volt, full voltage magnetic starter with 120 volt controls, Nema 1 enclosure, circuit breaker transformer and three-phase overload protector.
  • Coupling Drive: Compressor is flange mounted to motor C-face for positive alignment and direct driven by zero maintenance coupling.
  • HD Air Intake Filter: Oversized dry type, single stage with replaceable element
  • Inlet Modulation Control
  • Cooling System: Air cooled with air cooled aftercooler and factory filled with Palasyn 45 synthetic lubricoolant. Equipped with a microfiber full flow oil filter.
  • Controls: Full modulation, solenoid controlled for smooth control and lowest possible no load power. Automatic start/stop or constant spped timed dual control.
  • Instrumentation: Air pressure gauge, hour meter, discharger temperature and overpressure shutdown.
  • Protective Devices: Class 20 overload relay, high temperature and overpressure shutdown.
  • Mounting: Base mounted, no special foundation required. Optional tank or platform mounting available.
  • General: Consult factory for options or accessories not listed. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Deluxe Gauge Panel: Deluxe gauge panel includes 2.5" liquid filled sump and line pressure gauges, 2.5" oil temperature gauge, with oil filter and separator differential pressure gauges.
  • Air Cooled Aftercooler: Double pass air-cooled aftercooler with thermostatic control for maintaining the appropriate oil operating temperature and reducing the discharge air temperature to within 15 degrees of ambient.
  • Auto/Dual Control: Compressor control that allows the unit to be operated in continuous run mode or with an automatic timed shut down. Auto control allows multiple machines to be operated in a lead-lag condition. 

Optional Equipment

  • Air Filter - Pop Up Indicator
  • Auto Restart
  • HATD Shutdown Switch
  • Enclosure
  • Starter Enclosure NEMA 4
  • Receiver 400 Gallon Vertical
  • Receiver 240 Gallon Vertical
  • Microprocessor Control with Redundancy

Model 40DG

Type Name

DG-Series Air Compressor

Capacity, ACFM:


Discharge Conn:

1 1/4"

Maximum Full Load(psiq):


Minimum Full Load(psig):


Motor Horsepower:


Motor Speed(RPM):


Shipping Weight(Lbs):


BHP @ 100 psig


BHP @ full load


Driver rotor coupling: