About Us


Since 1995, Air & Gas Technologies a New Jersey based company has provided products, parts, service and turnkey installations of compressed air, breathing air and natural gas vehicle fueling systems though out the tri-state area.

Over the years, Air & Gas Technologies has diversified into new expanding markets without losing site of its core compressed air & gas equipment service base. In addition to standard ancillary equipment such as air dryers and filtration systems, the Industrial Market has grown to include vacuum systems and energy evaluations to determine the most efficient means to operate your compressed air system. Process Gas compressors, air separation, and Nitrogen generation have expanded the Air & Gas product lines into additional new markets.

The Breathing Air market now includes Fire Service and SCUBA product lines such as a full line of SCUBA equipment, technical dive and rescue products, communication equipment, dry suits, masks and training certification programs. In addition, Oxygen Generation for EMS and private facility usage is an additional compliment to the Breathing Air product lines offered.

Compressed Natural Gas Fueling (CNG) for Municipal and private fleet vehicles has continued to be a growth market for Air & Gas Technologies. For over 15 years, Air & Gas Technologies has been a leader in the CNG industry in the Northeast. Our experience and capabilities extend from equipment sizing and sales to full turnkey fueling station installation services. Our in house design and engineering services allow us to take a project from its conceptual stage through construction. The Air & Gas Technologies service department provides installation and start up as well as the necessary service and parts support to keep this critical part of our clients’ infrastructure up and running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. CNG Product offerings have grown from CNG Compressors to include station controls, fuel storage systems, fuel dispensers and fuel management systems. Opportunities in the Alternative Fuels market have expanded in 2010 with the completion of the first Liquefied Natural Gas/Compressed Natural Gas (L/CNG) fueling station east of the Mississippi River currently in Operation in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Our service department provides both field and in shop service on all equipment sold, and on most varieties of compressor equipment regardless of make and model. Field service technicians are available on a 24 hour/day 7 day/week emergency basis; and preventive maintenance agreements and 24 hour system monitoring services can also be provided.