Vehicle and Fleet CNG Stations

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles provide a unique opportunity for fleets looking to save money on costs. They are excellent for short range vehicles that come back to a depot to regularly refuel. This includes short-haul trucks and buses. Over 5500 school buses are currently operating on CNG as well as thousands of regular transportation buses. There are even more industrial operations working with CNG.

The strength of CNG comes from the lower cost of the utility when compared to gas. Even when oil prices are low, natural gas prices are typically $1 cheaper than diesel. Since diesel is a dirtier fuel, it ends up saving money on maintenance as well removing particulates, waste, diesel emission fluids, and no selective catalytic reduction.

As percentages, natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are 19% to 54% more cost effective than diesel and electric. Electric is at the higher end of the cost spectrum due to the cost of electricity and batteries.

At Air and Gas Technologies, we are all in the business of providing stations to fuel these fleets. We enable customers by introducing them to the right people to maximize savings as you convert your fleet. There is funding, grants, and government tax cuts that all provide massive savings for the upfront costs of the transition. After the VW Settlement, millions of dollars were placed in a trust fund that may offset the cost of cleaner trucks and type C busses. Per dollar spent, natural gas vehicles provide the greatest savings.

We work with engineers, contractors, crane operators and more to get your station built. But we do so much more. We make sure businesses get the most out of their conversion in every possible way. Working with us isn't just another contract. It's a partnership in reducing emissions and improving business operations.