Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

How to Receive and Inspect Air Compressor from the Seller

Most Air Compressors and components ship motor freight. The receiver should follow steps to protect themselves from having to deal with any potential freight claims. Reading over this checklist will help you receive your air compressor in good condition. It is key to understand how to refuse a badly shipped product and have the factory deal with the damage.

The trucking company will provide a bill of lading at time of arrival. Inspect your air compressor or compressor component for damages before signing. If you sign the bill of lading without inspecting the machine, you accept it free and clear and you own it as is.

We recommended you follow these basic shipping instructions

Someone will need to be present for the duration of the delivery appointment because inspection & signature are required.

Make sure you have the right equipment to remove the compressors off the truck.

Before signing for the delivery, perform a thorough inspection of the outer packaging.

If there is any damage to the packaging (e.g. creases or dents, puncture holes, tears, etc.), take pictures, note "BOX DAMAGED" on the delivery receipt, and describe the damage on the delivery receipt. If the air compressor is damaged beyond repair, then refuse the shipment and have it sent back to the manufacturer.

Inspect the interior of the package as their maybe interior damage.

There maybe cardboard cone(s) strapped to the top of what was shipped. These are to prevent the trucking company from stacking anything heavy on the compressor or component. If these are damaged, inspect.

Make sure you count what was delivered vs. what was received, note any differences on the BOL (Bill of Lading) if anything was not delivered. Protect your investment, inspect, inspect and inspect your compressor shipment as freight companies have been known to deny freight claims for the smallest details.

Returns Policy

Return Policy

Returns happen and every application is different. Please review the return policy or speak to a representative from Air and Gas Technologies before buying and returning a compressor or related component.

Please Note

A Return Material Authorization (RMA) will be issued for any return. No return will be accepted or credit issued without a RMA. All RMA’s will have related shipping information.


If the product was shipped in error, the seller will be responsible for the shipping.

The buyer is responsible for shipping if he or she orders in error.


Inspections must be done prior to accepting any shipment. The buyer/receiver is responsible for inspecting for freight damage. Any damage must be noted on the BOL prior to accepting the equipment with the carrier and a claim must be filed as soon as possible. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair, we recommend refusing the freight. The seller/shipper is not responsible for inspections, the buyer/receiver is.